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In brief, Melbourne HR’s parental leave program is designed to support the caregiver during their period of leave, solve the commercial issues arising from parental leave (partly through labour hire), and finally improving the probability of a satisfactory return by all parties, whatever form that takes (designing that form if need arises). All for a fixed and predetermined cost.

This is a multifaceted product that is quite complex to relay in a single web page, but we have provided a condensed version below. Please reach out and we will come out and discuss your needs. No pressure or obligation.

We welcome future caregivers reaching out to us to discuss, prior to consultation with their decision makers. We can give you an overview of the service and provide tips on how to approach management. All confidentially.

Melbourne HR’s parental leave package provides an innovative Human Resources solution to allow ultimate flexibility and business continuity whilst a primary caregiver takes a period of parental leave with the view to support your talent during the entire period of leave and on their return to work.

Appropriate for small, medium or large business, our highly experienced Human Resource professionals will join your HR function for a period of time on a labour hire arrangement to cover the full suite of HR responsibilities. The length of the contract will be reviewed on a periodic basis to allow the business to flex the contract length and labour hours. Melbourne HR can provide you with an experienced Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Advisor or a Human Resources Consultant depending on the needs of the business.

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Melbourne HR will also set down a communication plan with the employee during their parental leave and keep in touch, providing support throughout the period of leave and during departure and return.

During the period of return the parental leave program will not only flex it’s length to adjust to changes in return dates, but it will also adjust hours. This can allow job sharing to take place during a phasing-in period that let’s your employee adjust, a positive handover to take place and costs to be balanced between provider and returning employee.

One of the key advantages of this program is coordination and design. Melbourne HR will coordinate all of the above. Handovers, Communications, Managing the interim HR Professional, returns, job share, etc. Taking the pain away from management. Design and advisory are critical to this product. Not only is this process designed to advantage all parties, but we are seasoned consultants and if, due to family/personal needs, that a return to the same employment status as before is not possible we can develop solutions that will appeal to all parties.

Key advantages of this product include:

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  • An increase in the return and retention rates of employees taking parental leave by way of support provided to the employee before, during and upon return from parental leave. This includes ongoing communication and focused support to the employee prior and on return to work.

  • Provides a solution for business HR continuity without the requirement to spend time and resources sourcing a talented HR professional for a fixed period of time.

  • Continues a high level of HR service throughout the period at any level of HR including experienced Human Resources Managers, Advisors and Consultants.

  • Provides a simple solution to allow the employee to return from parental leave early on request or phase back to work on a part time or other flexible working arrangement; or provides a solution to allows the employee to spend more time at home with their child if requested.

  • Provides flexibility, expert advisory and org design capability during that critical return period.

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