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Melbourne HR's training solutions are designed to deliver real skill changes to individuals and organisations.

Each one of the personalised courses is bespoke to the organisation that we develop it for.

Here are just two examples which highlight the breath of training that we offer:

We have conducted "HR 101" courses for membership organisations. They had a range of business owners/franchisees and needed to up-skill; not only to improve regulation understanding and to grasp the 'can do, / can't do', but to also provide those same managers with the capability to improve their workplace. It's focus was on generating confidence with the regulations and providing those managers with the skills to be proactive in their workplace and improve morale. 

Some more specific training packages include a Performance Management package conducted for a group of team leaders, general managers, and senior managers at a Medium Enterprise. The company in question wanted to rollout a performance management system across the entire organisation.

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