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"When we needed advice on our HR we looked at 4 or 5 different outsourcing companies, but Melbourne HR definitely made us feel the most comfortable in their pitch and what they could offer. We have been super happy working with Melbourne HR, our policies have improved, our workplace has improved, everything has improved, and we are looking forward to having a long-term relationship with them. I would absolutely recommend their outsourcing services to others."

- Rick Tankir, Director of KTL Australia


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This service involves an expert team from Melbourne HR taking over the human resource function of your organisation, in which they will be responsible for both the administrative work and management of your People and Culture. This cost-effective service will see an expert consultant become a part of your business and work on a range of tasks such as business processes and workforce management, through to long-term strategy. Backed by Melbourne HR technology specialists, lawyers, and senior strategists, your consultant will be able to provide a depth of capability and knowledge that an in-house coordinator could not provide. Melbourne HR delivers direction and solution, where a ‘HR coordinator’ requires management and advice.




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Managing human resources can be a difficult task, something that not all business owners have the skills nor time for. Our HR Outsourcing service allows for maximisation of your company’s resources, helping to:

  • Free up a large quantity of time and resources for your company and management

  • Inject a focused, sophisticated, and professional team to manage and drive your People and Culture

  • Drive a proactive HR department, rather than a reactive one





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Our HR Outsourcing service delivers HR direction and solution to your company in a cost-effective manner. The HR Outsourcing product is a diverse service; what we do and deliver depends largely on the strategic needs of the client at that time. In some cases this may mean that we focus on recruitment or another example could be a company restructure. Below is a short list, that is by no means exhaustive, of some of the services that we provide our clients:

  • Contracts

  • Policy Development

  • General HR Administration

  • Workforce Management

  • WorkCover Case Management

  • Business Growth Strategy

  • Staff Mediation

  • Performance Management

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