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HR Consulting for SMEs

"Our company had taken on more staff, and I was looking for someone to help get policies and procedures in place. After shopping around for a HR solution, it was Melbourne HR who best suited our needs. The ease of implementation and the speed at which it all happened was great, and they provided a good cost effective solution to our needs. I would highly recommend Melbourne HR to others."

- Simon Walkenhorst, Managing Director of Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company

Melbourne HR is a human resources consulting company that specialises in developing partnerships with Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

With our capabilities in enhancing people, strategy, and culture we lead companies to greater efficiency, retention, motivation, commitment, and increased returns.


What is HR Consulting?


Melbourne HR Consulting Service offers a general/bespoke service and two specific services. Each of these services are designed to help SMEs grow and excel within their respective field of work. As with all Melbourne HR products, each service comes with a Mentoring and Change Management component; ensuring a smooth roll-out and a clean transition from the old to the new. We are always on hand to assist you with the learning and execution of HR activities.



HR is a broad discipline and our approach to each project is reflective of that fact. We are outcome orientated and focus strongly on commercial alignment. No project should achieve an administrative-only outcome, or achieve only regulatory compliance. Each project, even when compliance is key, focuses on creating value for the business as whole. 


Below are some of our specific consulting services, however MHR makes an effort to consider all consulting projects, both big and small.


HR Foundations

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HR Foundations is a turnkey package of human resources solutions tailored for businesses that are either building from scratch or re-setting their HR functions. The Melbourne HR Foundations package contains the following elements:

  • Contracts
  • Letter of Offer
  • Employee Handbook (i.e. Company policies)
  • OH&S (Office based)
  • Other templates and forms

This product is also offered in a ‘polish and fill’ format for companies who have some, or all, of the functions in place already, but wish to update, check, and fill any gaps in their existing HR.


Performance Management

At Melbourne HR we have separated Performance Management into two areas:

  1. Performance Management Systems
  2. Critical Staff Management

We design custom Performance Management Systems for each of our clients who wish to professionalise staff reviews with a productivity-enhancing/developmental tool.

Critical Staff Management is a service we offer organisations that are struggling with individual staff. Workplace disputes affect efficiency and can also have an adverse impact on other employees. In some circumstances, business managers are lost as to what to do, what their rights are, how to turn an employee around or how to terminate (if necessary).

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Organisations outgrow themselves, or the business environment changes around them, and so they need to evolve to survive and flourish. Melbourne HR's HR Strategy Service is about helping companies make smart decisions about the people and culture structures of their business, and to advise and assist them in how they can make that transition in a positive and efficient manner. 


HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing is where Melbourne HR assumes all the practical requirements, responsibility, and management of your HR in the most cost effective and sophisticated manner. 




These are our flagship services. If you need something bespoke call the number below and we'll develop a solution for you. If Melbourne HR is unable to help you we'll point you in the right direction.

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Are you still unsure about HR Consulting? If you are interested in learning more about the Human Resources Function and how it impacts your business, attend one of our workshops.

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