Future Human Capital

Ever wondered whether the 9 - 6 was an inefficient system. That jobs and people did not couple together how they should.

What about mothers and fathers furthering their career whilst parenting. Or a painter who moonlights as an accountant. Maybe someone who prefers to surf in the morning. They arrive at 10:30, leave at 5:30 Mon - Fri and are happy to get paid for 4 days.

Why does each job have to be 9 - 6? Why does each employer and employee have to aspire to Full-Time employment. Why can’t a workplace be setup for agility and flexibility of work to begin with, rather then rebuilding it each time someone requests it.

Future Human Capital is a special branch of Melbourne HR. It was created and is governed by a single idea:

At some point in the near future the traditional labour market of today, with all it's rigidity and eccentricities, will appear as archaic as slavery appears to us now.

 If this makes sense to you and you need assistance with developing or researching change then please reach out.

David Simpson: david.simpson@melbournehr.com.au