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Foreign Startup


Foreign Startup

Starting a overseas branch/office of your company can be tough. It’s a completely new environment with it’s own specific rules. It can present new challenges or the opposite, lower hurdles. Whats important is someone who will not just guide, but also execute some of that heavy lifting

Melbourne HR’s Foreign Startup package is designed to make your entry into the Australian market smooth on several fronts.

Melbourne HR is a consulting company that specialises in HR consulting, but it’s expertise extends into general business and structural consulting. We have assisted many companies in delivering sustainable and efficient business startup and growth in Australia.

It’s this package of skills and extensive networks that make Melbourne HR the perfect partner in your Australian endeavor. A quick service overview: (Please note this is only a very brief example. Each package is tailored to your needs and delivered at a fixed cost.)

·         Contracts, filled and templates for future use

·         Policies, integration inline with home country

·         Australian regulatory understanding and mentoring

·         Remuneration discovery, planning and budgeting

·         Technology Solutions Consulting

·         Recruitment of your Australian team

·         Miscellaneous HR (All the little things that make HR and that differ that little bit from country to country)

·         Business environment advisory

·         A tried and trusted network of service providers (Accountants. Commercial Lawyers, Freight Forwarders/Importers, Commercial Real Estate Agents, Professional Directors, etc)

We are here to do some of the heaviest lifting, but we also take pride in becoming part of your team. We phone in to planning meetings as required and we are always happy to look for a solution and provide feedback to any hurdle.


Does this service seem like a useful investment for your company? Or would you like more information? At Melbourne HR, we offer a no-pressure, cost-free consultation for your company.


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