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 Performance Management


Performance Management

At Melbourne HR we have separated Performance Management into two areas:

  1. Performance Management Systems

  2. Critical Staff Management

Performance Management Systems

We design custom Performance Management Systems for each of our clients who wish to professionalise staff reviews with a productivity-enhancing/developmental tool.

We create systems that are efficient to use and effective in developing skill sets and overall company capability. We endeavor to have a technology element to all our performance management systems, however every product we develop can be done so on paper.

Critical Staff Management

Critical Staff Management is a service we offer organisations that are struggling with individual staff. Workplace disputes affect efficiency and can also have an adverse impact on other employees. In some circumstances, business managers are lost as to what to do, what their rights are, how to turn an employee around or how to terminate (if necessary).

For further detail on how we have partnered with companies before please contact us and we discuss how appropriately address your needs.


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