Case Study - Mid-sized Outsourcing Client

*Note: Whilst this case study refers to a mid-sized company, Melbourne HR works with companies of all sizes, even those who have as little as 12 people



This case study details how Melbourne HR’s outsourcing services assisted with a mid-sized organisation in the community services sector. Due to budget constraints and resourcing challenges, the client had not had a HR department for a number of years and was looking for an efficient way to rebuild their HR function. A number of systemic, resourcing and cultural issues had built up over time to the point where they were impacting on workplace morale and productivity. A comprehensive solution was needed to provide strategic, operational and administrative HR support, targeted at improving workplace morale, employee engagement, accountability and productivity.



Through investigation into the company, Melbourne HR noted the following HR issues:

  • No extant HR department despite being a medium-sized organisation
  • Very limited HR infrastructure
  • Inconsistent people management practices and decision-making processes across departments which was resulting in disparity and distrust between employees and management
  • Limited people management capability amongst line managers and senior staff
  • Lack of HR Business Partner support for executive decision making
  • No existing onsite intermediary for managers/employees to discuss issues, concerns or handle dispute resolution
  • Significant employee morale and productivity concerns
  • Limited budget to cover off operational, strategic and administrative aspects of HR



To assist with the client’s needs and gaps in their current HR strategy, Melbourne HR delivered an ongoing tailored outsourcing solution in the form of an outsourced multi-tiered HR department that included:

  • A dedicated junior consultant with support from a senior HR professional onsite two days per week
  • Strategic HR support on a quarterly review basis
  • Ongoing administrative support
  • Specialist assistance in OH&S, WorkCover and Employee Relations as required
  • On call advice as needed

Whilst working with the client executive team, Melbourne HR also helped to drive:

  • Quarterly HR Strategy meetings onsite between Melbourne HR Management and the client, helping to establish a clear plan and direction that supports the clients’ overall strategic plan
  • Weekly HR planning meetings between the senior Melbourne HR professionals and the client's executive team to help identify new priorities and resolve day-to-day issues
  • An open-door policy if client staff support is ever needed, including targeted issue resolution and employee advocacy at the workplace level
  • Specialised consulting and graduate level administrative support for the client
  • People management support, including a Melbourne HR senior professional being embedded into the management team, taking part in meetings, acting in an individual coaching and advisory capacity, and designing or sourcing dedicated training programs to address people management issues
  • Personalised and specialized resources for the client such as recruitment campaigns, offers of employment and onboarding, contract amendments, salary reviews, file notes and other employment related recordkeeping



With HR support from Melbourne HR, the client has seen some great improvements including:

  • Implementation of a people and culture strategy that is aligned with the organisational strategy
  • Centralisation of HR decision-making and approval processes, which has ensured efficiency and consistency in the organisation and management team
  • Centralisation of HR administration
  • Filling of previous resource gaps through the help of Melbourne HR targeted recruitment campaigns
  • Benchmarking of employee engagement, enabling the executive to identify and address the culture hot spots
  • Increased team and department cohesion thanks to the development of an employee culture and engagement program for staff
  • New performance management tools that support increased productivity and accountability



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