Case Study - Consulting Client


HR needs differ from client to client. A common request for help is with setting up HR Foundations. The ensuing case study follows the journey of a construction company with 17 staff who sought help from Melbourne HR for their HR Structures and culture.



After consultation with the client, the following problems were identified:

  • No existing employment contracts between the company and the employees
  • No existing employment policy outlining processes, minimum expectations, benefits or basic OH&S
  • Personnel issues with a small number of staff

With no contracts or policies this construction company had been left vulnerable and lacking in the appropriate tools to deal with situations as they arose.



With this knowledge, the team at Melbourne HR developed a plan and strategy to reconcile these issues, including:

  • Conducting a check of the client’s present HR assets and working with management to incite an understanding of the particular needs of the industry and company
  • Tailoring a foundations solution to address client issues, including delivering a package of tools and assets that specifically addressed the client’s circumstances
  • Addressing the client’s staff directly in an open Q&A session to provide both staff and management piece of mind
  • Consistent contact with the company through emails, phone calls and face-to-face meetings to help the client develop the necessary skills to properly use the tools and ensure a long-term impact



With assistance from Melbourne HR, the client has been able to:

  • Reduce their exposure to litigious risk
  • Create a culture where each staff member is objectively aware of the standards of the company
  • Increase staff adherence to organisational expectations
  • Use the personalized tools, along with a new performance management initiative, to further enhance productivity, moral, and retention across the organisation



While this client had no Foundation HR before Melbourne HR came on site, HR needs differ from client to client. If you can relate to this case study, or are in a situation where some HR processes are already in place but need further assistance, please contact us today via phone or using the form below.

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