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Hospitality + HR in 2019

We’ve seen a large shift in 2018 with many hospitality business coming to us in need of assistance. Whilst we have seen this shift in many industries it was most pronounced in Hospo. In addition to this change we’ve seen many companies ask if we serviced hospitality, the answer is ‘yes absolutely’. MHR was started in 2014 focused very much on the professional white collar space, but that quickly changed and now half our clients exist outside of that narrow definition.

The need for HR assistance in hospitality has rapidly grown in the last 12 months, with many restaurants, cafes, bars, trucks & pubs within the industry realising the importance of sound advice & support. By implementing the right processes within your business, Melbourne HR can strengthen and add immense value whether you are a group, franchise or independent operator.

In 2018 more hospitality clients came to us for help than any other industry showing a clear change in the mindset from proactive owners looking to evolve. Armed with these experiences we have evolved to create and deliver a more nuanced hospitality service offering, in particular helping businesses go from non-compliance to compliance in a commercially viable fashion.


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For years human resources have been a luxury available to only multinational corporations with 1,000’s of employees. However, with Melbourne HR’s consulting & outsourcing products we have been able to assist small & medium businesses in a big way in person and on site.

Melbourne HR is the first Australian company to offer a customised service to those in the hospitality industry. Why? Because we know that the needs of hospo businesses are vastly different than that of a corporate business. Let us keep on top of legislation changes, modern contracts, handbooks, policies & procedures whilst managing your workforce in every aspect.

WHat we are offering

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Managing human resources can be a difficult task, something that not all business owners have the specialised knowledge nor time for. Particularly, hospitality businesses often have unique working hours, employee turnover, recruitment and constant training & development.

Melbourne HR Offers 2 simple ways to get our support, that works well for Hospitality. These are HR Outsourcing and HR Foundations. HR Outsourcing is an ongoing service, we become your onsite HR Team over the long term, and HR Foundations is a project, a one off project that puts you on the right path to then manage yourselves.

Our HR Outsourcing (Ongoing) & HR Foundations (Project) services will;

  • Free up a large quantity of time and resources for your company and management

  • Inject a focused, sophisticated, and professional team to manage and drive your People and Culture

  • Drive a proactive HR department, rather than a reactive one.

  • Instantly put you at an advantage over your competitors


Our Hospitality HR Outsourcing service delivers HR direction and solution to your company in a cost-effective manner on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, we can get you up to speed in the blink of an eye with our Foundations Package catered to you.
We have experience building strong practices from the ground up, or completely updating neglected HR practices. Below is a short list, that is by no means exhaustive, of some of the services that we provide our clients:

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  • Contracts

  • Policy Development

  • General HR Administration

  • Workforce Management

  • WorkCover Case Management

  • Business Growth Strategy

  • Staff Mediation

  • Performance Management

  • Recruitment

  • Organisation Structure

  • Complete Compliance & Peace of Mind


“I am writing this testimonial without a lie and hand on heart. Melbourne HR have without doubt changed my businesses. They firstly achieved this by adapting current laws and detailed wage calculations to my companies which was a logistical nightmare, standardising our archaic system, and working with our accounts team to get the job done.

Secondly they focused on the company structure and understand that business is somewhat of a moving, ever changing machine, and gave focus and presence to every tier of the business. David Simpson and Melbourne HR have absolutely made my businesses better, and therefore made my life better.”

Dan Zeidan, Co-Founder & Executive Chef - Grace Darling Hotel, Lazerpig Pizza Parlour & A Boy Named Sue.



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